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Richard Proctor
2 June
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Who: I am 42 (and have been for years), married to Judith watervole (whom I met at the University of East Anglia gamesoc). We have two children micavity and exalted_mugwump. I sometimes describe myself as a quiet extrovert.

History: I was until 7 years ago a senior consultant at Marconi, jetseting around the world promoting broadband services, taking part in conferences and being the expert called in for "difficult" issues. Then with the downturn, my site was shut, and I became an independent.

I am currently self-employed

As Waveney Consulting I provide a wide range of telecommunications related consultancy. Network design, system design, ATM expert, network resilience, and a wide range of Complex, Challenging and Demanding issues.

As Waveney Web Services I provide a range of web related services, Advice, Hosting, Site Development, and E-Commerce. Providing standard and bespoke systems as required. Clients include: Small Businesses, Charities, Theatres, Individuals and Judith's Blake's 7 and Fanzine websites.

Non Work: Board games, Astronomy, Roleplaying game, Puzzles, Reading, Walking, anything interesting.

Geek Code:
GCC$/CS$/IT$/O$/M d+ s-: a+(42?) C++ UL+++ P+++ L++ !E W+++ N+ o? K? w !O M V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP t 5 X R+++ tv- b+++ DI++>+++ !D G e++* h- r+++ y++++

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